V2 Cigs Review: Official Review of Electronic Cigarettes by V2 Cigs


Product: V2 Standard Kit
Price: $59.95
Electronicotine discount: 10%
Price with discount: $53.95
Flavors: 10

V2 Cigs has been a consistently high performing brand, and is one the highest selling electronic cigarette brand in USA. V2 Cigs is famous for being totally maintenance free, and producing a large amount vapor which gives the perfect throat hit. If you are a smoker looking to switch, I would highly recommend this product as V2 produces a lot of smoke, almost as much as a real cigarette.


V2 Cigs is very reasonably priced. In the Economy Kit, you get 1 battery, 10 cartomizers, 1 wall and 1 USB charger at just $59.95 as opposed to the Green Smoke Express Kit, which has the same content and costs $89.95.

$59.95 for the V2 Economy Kit
$74.95 for the V2 Standard Kit
$159.95 for the V2 Traveler Kit
$199.95 for the V2 Ultimate Kit

Breakdown Scores
Refill price
Customer service

Shipping, Warranty and Guarantee Policies

  • Lifetime warranty on V2 products.
  • Flat $5.00 shipping for all orders within USA.

Price of Refill Cartridges

5 packs cost $9.95. You can get 20, 40 and 80-Packs @ $36.54, $66.47 and $134.95 respectively. That is $2 – $1.69 per cartridge, depending on the volume you buy. A very reasonable price I would say.


V2 Cigs is famous for their thick smoke and the flavor range in their portfolio. They feature 12 different flavor.

The smoking device is truly an work of class and genius. The batteries work well, and the cartridges are superb in quality with every cartridge coming in with a built-in atomizer, meaning that you get a fresh atomizer every time you use a new cartridge!

Customer Service

They have got a superb customer service record and have replied pretty fast each time we have tried to contact them. We have received a few complaints from some visitors, but in general their service seems to be quite satisfactory.

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