Halo Electronic Cigarette: Official Review of e-cigs from Halo Cigs


Product: HALO G6 Starter Kits
Price: $44.99
Electronicotine discount: 10%
Price with discount: $40.49
Flavors: 8

Halo electronic cigarette is a low priced electronic cigarette and delivers excellent value and consistency. This is a very stable brand with lots of loyal consumers. I did expect an excellent quality with the product even before trying it (as I have had read so many good reviews about Halo) – but I didn’t really expect the excellent looks  and packaging coming. In short, Halo Cigs has well overdone my expectations, and I will gladly recommend it to a friend or two who are looking to try a different brand.


  1. $44.99 for the Halo G6 Standard Kit
  2. $64.99 for the Halo Triton STarter Kit

At $44.99, the G6 starter kit is a serious bargain and currently the best priced starter kit – it includes an extra battery and a carrying case. Ofcourse, you will also receive 5 cartomizers, an USB adapter, and a wall charger. Overall, it includes:

  • 2 batteries (choose between 65 or 78 mm, manual or auto)
  • 1 five-pack of  cartomizers in the flavor and strength of your choice (equals 5-6 packs of cigarettes)
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 USB charger and 1 wall adapter

The Triton kit is a Tank System kit and a good deal at $64.99. It is extremely popular and at the time I am writing this, all Triton kits are sold out. The tank system is leakage proof so that’s a plus as most tank systems we had used before have shown leakage problems after a few days of use.

  • 2 batteries (available in 400 mAh and 650 mAh capacities; 3.3 to 4.2 volts)
  • 2 tanks (color options)
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 cone
  • 1 USB charger and 1 wall adapter

Shipping, Warranty and Guarantee Policies

30 days money back guarantee
60 days warranty on battery, 90 days on USB charger and wall adapter.
All shipping are made by USPS and it’s not free.

I sincerely do not like the 60 days warranty on the batteries or the 90 days on the chargers. The industry standard seems to be around 1 year for most brands and offering anything less portrays a lack of faith vested by the manufacturers on their goodies. Battery is the one component that goes wrong the most often for electronic cigarettes – and a bigger warranty period will definitely be a popular change.

Price of Refill Cartridges

Halo is an industry leader when it comes to e juice manufacturing. Their e-liquids come in 7 ml and 30 ml bottles, and are priced at $5.99 and $19.99 respectively.  The popular e-liquid manufacturer produces a whole range of flavors and is a highly appreciated brand among smokers who refill their own cartomizers. They offer 20 flavors in total, of which 10 are variations of tobacco.

However, they also offer prefilled cartomizers too. At $9.99 per 5 pack, the price is reasonable – comes down to $2.00 per cartomizer. You can buy 5 or 10 packets at a time, and avail a discount of 5% to 10%. Halo produces some of the best smoking liquids out there – so the flavor and quality of the vape is unquestionable. Prefilled cartomizers are offered in 8 different flavors.

And if you are one who likes filling his/her own cartomizers – try Halo’s blank cartomizers. Blanks come at $8.99 per 5 pack.

Breakdown Scores

Cartridge type1 Cartridge equalsPrice 5pack Price per cartridge
Extreme Cartomizers 1.5 packs regular cigarettes$15.00$3.00
Standard Cartomizers1.0 packs regular cigarettes$12.50$2.50
Extreme Blank CartomizersCan be refilled 4-5 times$9.95$1.99
Standard Blank CartomizersCan be refilled 4-5 times$9.95$1.99
510 Dual Coil CartomizerCan be refilled 4-5 times$9.95$1.99


Halo offers 8 flavors for their prefilled cartomizers – Turkish Tobacco, Malibu, Tribeca, Prime 15, Belgian Cocoa, Torque 56, Menthol ICE and HX3.

As for E-liquids, there are 20 flavors on offer. Apart from the 8 offered in prefilled cartomizers, there are Freedom Juice, Tiki Juice, Longhorn, Midnight Apple, Captain Jack, Kringle’s Curse, Subzero, Twisted Java, CoolMist, Shamrock, Mistic and Cafe Mocha.


Halo Cigs, as already mentioned, is a leader when it comes to manufacturing high-end, premium quality e liquids in different flavors. They have a whopping portfolio of tobacco flavors, offering 10 varieties in total. They are extremely likely to get you hooked if you are looking for a nice, clean tobacco flavored vape that feels very close to the old fire sticks you used to burn.

The prefilled cartomizers are pretty decent too. The draws were inconsistent at the beginning but after a few nice strong drags, the cartomizer delivers tremendous quality. The throat hit I received when trying Turkish Tobacco is really satisfying and reminds me of Camel regular. The vapor volume is good – but I believe the prefilled cartomizers could do a bit better.


The looks and quality of the packaging it came in is fabulous! The kits comes in a circular tin – with inbuilt placer foams. The tin is gorgeous looking and robust – and can be used either for storing the electronic cigarette or for other purposes.

Customer Service

Halo Cigs is very sincere when it comes to replying to customer queries. Never had an issue with them ourselves – let us know your experience.

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