Green Smoke Review: Official Review of the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette


Product: Green Smoke Express Kit
Price: $59.97
Electronicotine discount: 10%
Price with discount: $53.97
Flavors: 8

Green Smoke is one of the first commercially successful electronic cigarette brands, and is a popular name in this industry.


Green Smoke used to be quite expensive, and despite this fact they were one of the market leaders back then because of the lack of competition. But with so many manufacturers operating in the market now, they had to sort their prices out. Green Smoke has reconfigured most of its starter kits in terms of price and content. The Express Kit, priced at $89.99 (previously $109.00) contains a battery, 1 USB battery (a nice feature of the package), 1 USB charger, 1 wall adapter and a 5-pack variety cartridge pack. I believe it is a great value now, considering the fact that a similar starter kit from V2 costs $74.95, and one from Blu cost $79.95. If price is the concern that is still putting you off, feel free to use our special coupon that gives you a 10% discount on any purchase you make.

$89.99 for the Express Kit
$129.99 for the Pro Kit
$159.99 for the Ultimate Kit
$219.99 for the Love Birds Kit

Shipping, Warranty and Guarantee Policies

• Limited lifetime warranty on Green Smoke products.
• Free shipping on all starter kits
• 30 day money back guarantee

Price of Refill Cartridges

Green Smoke cartridges are on the expensive side. A 5-pack costs $16.99, which is considerably more expensive than some other popular brands. Green Smoke cartridges are nonetheless long lasting and produce deep dense smoke.

Breakdown Scores
Refill price
Customer service

Green Smoke offers 3 different tobacco flavors (Red Label Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Absolute Tobacco) and 4 other varieties – Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, Menthol Ice and Smooth Chocolate.


Green Smoke cartridges are of high quality, and are likely to satisfy most consumers who are looking for a good alternative to their regular old tobacco cigarette. Each cartridge has a built in atomizer (it used to be a unique feature, as most of the other manufacturers used to follow the three part design) – so you smoke fresh each and every time. The batteries are good, and so are the accessories.

One cannot ask many questions about this brand when it comes to quality. But the price is a concern though. Although the starter kits are now sold at very attractive prices, you have to keep in mind that you are inviting a substantially higher recurring cost through refill cartridges. Their cartridge is definitely one of the longest lasting in the industry, and is excellent in terms of vapor production and taste – so keep that in mind too.

Customer Service

We have regularly contacted Green Smoke on many different issues in the last couple of years, and we have to admit that they have some superb support stuffs. We have not yet received any major complaint against them – if your experience is different, please feel free to let us know.

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