EonSmoke Review: Official Review of the EonSmoke Electronic Cigarette


Product: EONSMOKE Premium Kit
Price: $69.99
Electronicotine discount: 15%
Price with discount: $59.49
Flavors: 15

EonSmoke is a very silent brand online, and you will not get past many user experiences and/or reviews. You should be surprised to know that EonSmoke is one of the market leaders in the electronic cigarette industry – and have so far managed distributors in more than 1000 locations offline.

EonSmoke offers a great electronic cigarette that serves the primary purpose right – producing a lot of vapor. The throat kick is right there – and you will wonder how this kit, coming in a small unattractive box and packaging, is better than many fancier kits you have tried before.


$24.99 for the EonSmoke Economy Kit
$44.99 for the EonSmoke Economy Combo Kit
$69.99 for the EonSmoke Premium Starter Kit
$44.99 for the EonSmoke Smokers Paradise Starter Kit

The economy kit at $24.99 is a bare essentials essential kit with a usb adapter to be connected to your pc, 1 battery and 2 cartomizers. The $44.99 for the Eonsmoke Economy Combo Kit seems to be better balanced and offers 5 extra cartomizers, a carrying case and a wall charger over the $24.99 Economy kit.

EonSmoke Economy Kit

* One Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery
* 2 Flavored cartridges (Pick a flavor from the drop down menu)
* USB charger

Economy Combo Kit

* One Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery
* 7 Flavored cartridges (Pick a flavor from the drop down menu)
* USB charger
*Wall Charger
*Carry Case

EonSmoke Premium Kit Includes

* An amazing Gift Box
* 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
* 11 cartomizers (Ten flavors to Choose from, including; Menthol, Chocolate, Wrangler, President, Vanilla, Peppermint, Mango, Coffee, Sands, and classic Tobacco)
* 1 USB charger
* 1 Wall Charger (adapter)
* Eonsmoke Instruction manual
* Eonsmoke Membership Card

Smokers Paradise Starter Kit

* An amazing Gift Box
* Two Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
* 25 Flavored Cartridges (5 packs of cartridges) (Any flavor in your choice of MG dosages)
* USB charger
* Wall Charger (adapter)
* Instruction manual
* EonSmoke Membership Card

Shipping, Warranty and Guarantee Policies

30 days money back guarantee*
1 year warranty on starter kits**
All shipping are made by USPS and is free.

* EonSmoke offers 100% refund only if item is returned in original package. If you are not satisfied with the experience (in which case, you have actually opened the package and have tried a few components) – they cut off a 20% restocking fee.

**EonSMoke wrongly claims a Limited Lifetime Warranty on many pages of their site. The warranty is in reality mentioned to be 1 year only on theire Returns Policy page.

Free shipping on Starter kits rocks by the way. The warranty and guarantee seems reasonable.

Breakdown Scores
Refill price
Customer service

Price of Refill Cartridges

5 cartomizer packs @$14.95
20 cartomizer packs @$48.99
40 cartomizer packs $79.99
80 cartomizer packs @$149.99
150 cartomizer packs @$259.99

A $2.99 a cartomizer when you buy a 5 pack, EonSmoke is not the cheapest of refill cartomizers if you ask me. $2.45 per cartomizer when you buy 20 seems a lot better.


EonSmoke offers 15 different flavors! That’s a lot if you ask me. Many vapers use EonSmoke every once in a while (besides other brands) to utilize the brilliant flavor portfolio they possess.

The flavors are – Cherry, Tobacco, Menthol, President, Wrnagler, Chocolate, Coffee, Sands, Vanilla, Mint, Mango, Apple, Strawberry, Mojito and Grape Mint.


EonSmoke is a solidly built electronic cigarette. The device works great, however, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. They should concentrate more on the branding aspects and presentations.

As for vaping performance, the device is well above par. EonSmoke produces dense smoke on effortless drags – and that’s a pass in my book. As for costs, EonSmoke seems to be on the costlier side. One might find V2 or Blu offering cartridges of similar/better qaulity at similar/better rates.


Very ordinary packaging. Designs done by amateurs. Company must improve on this.

Customer Service

Customer service is quite good, no complain so far. If you have any, please do share with us.


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