Blu Cigs Review: Official Review of the Blu Electronic Cigarette


Product: Blu Premium Starter Kit
Price: $79.95
Electronicotine discount: 10%
Price with discount: $71.95
Flavors: 5
Shipping: Free

Although not one of the first brands to start manufacturing electronic cigarettes, Blu Cigs have done enough to become the top selling electronic cigarette brand in the world. If you take a good look at their site, you will notice they do not have high markups, outrageous claims or other gimmicks. They have a nice, functional product which comes in three starter pack formats (Original Pack, Premium Pack, and the Premium100 Pack) and tastes as good as tobacco cigarettes.

I personally am a big fan of the brand, and Blu is what I smoke (switched from Green Smoke). Although taste differs from person to person, I can surely say that the probability you won’t like it is very low – provided you are looking for an alternative to regular cigarettes.


$69.95 for the Original kit
$79.95 for the Premium Pack
$89.95 for the Premium100 Pack

These are base prices. Here is the page for our blu cigs coupon – a must check before every purchase as we frequently feature the latest coupon codes from Blu. Check electronic cigarette coupons for all the latest deals from the top brands too.

Shipping, Warranty and Guarantee Policies

  • 30 day money-back guarantee and one year warranty
  • Free FedEx Ground shipping on all orders above $100.

Price of Refill Cartridges

Cartridges come in 5-packs., priced at $12.00 a pack. You can save 10% if you buy 2 packs (@$10.80 a piece) or 20% if you buy 4 packs (@$9.60 a pack).


The smoking device is truly an work of class and genius. The batteries work well, and the cartridges are superb in quality and every cartridge comes with a built-in atomizer, meaning that you get a fresh atomizer every time you use a new cartridge!

Breakdown Scores
Refill price
Customer service

The Blu cartridges are tailor-made in the USA by Johnson Creek Smoke Juice – the best in USA in producing electronic cigarette juices. Good vapor volume, tremendous taste and excellent quality accessories are the things that put Blu ahead of its competitors.

The Carrying Pack With Social Features (and Yes, it does Charge on the Go too)!

Blu has always been a persistent industry innovator when it comes to carrying cases. They had the first charge-on-the-go carrying case in the market (you can still get that with the Original Pack), and now they have introduced the new carrying case with social features (available with the Premium and Premium100 packs)! The pack features battery charge indicators (for both extra battery and the pack itself), allows space for 5 cartrdiges and 2 batteries, charges your batteries on the go, and best yet, The blu logo on the front of the Premium Pack will light up and vibrate when another blu user is within 50 feet, giving you’re the perfect ice-breaking opportunity or when you’re near a blu retailer, giving you the chance to replenish your supply of blu while you’re out and about.

Customer Service

In plain words, customer service is good. You won’t be disappointed. Blu agents are skilled and caring.

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