Apollo Cigarette: Official Review of Electronic Cigarettes by Apollo E Cig


Product: APOLLO Standard Kit
Price: $69.95
Electronicotine discount: 10%
Price with discount: $62.95
Flavors: 5

Apollo e cig is a different, refreshing change to electronic cigarettes brands. The differences between Apollo cigarette and any other brand is immediately apparent after you open the box. To be honest, it’s a pity that they are not one of the most popular brands out there – considering the overall value and quality their kits deliver. This is one down to earth, affordable product giving terrific feel and comfort.


  1. $69.95 for the Apollo Standard Kit
  2. $54.95 for the Apollo Extreme Kit
  3. $69.95 for the Apollo Superior eGo Kit
  4. $99.95 for the Apollo VTube Kit v2.0

Apollo e cig starter kit prices are at par with most other brands, now that all brands are pricing their core starter kits at the very same level to attract first time buyers. At $69.95, the Standard Kit gets you

  • 2 Apollo Standard Batteries
  • 1 five-pack of apollo e cig Standard Cartomizers in the flavor and strength of your choice (equals 5-6 packs of cigarettes)
  • 1 Portable Charger Case (PCC) to conveniently charge your battery on the go
  • 1 USB charger and 1 wall adapter

However, we would like to give a special shout out for the Apollo Extreme Kit. The Kit costs $54.95. and comes with two Extreme batteries, 1 five pack of cartomizers, and 1 USB and 1 wall adapter. They look like regular batteries in terms of thickness, but are about half an inch longer. They are meant for heavier smokers requiring longer battery life, and are also equipped with larger cartomizers (the Extreme cartomizers).

Shipping, Warranty and Guarantee Policies

Free shipping for all orders shipped within USA
30 days money back guarantee
1 year warranty on all products
It’s nice to see a brand shipping free, at least for the US buyers. They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee – so feel safe to give them a try if you are interested.

Price of Refill Cartridges

The standard kit refill cartridges are priced at $12.50 per 5-pack. That is $2.50 per pack, and is equivalent to a pack of cigarette. The extreme refill cartridges cost $15.00 per 5-pack, and equivalent to 1.5 packs of regular cigarette. That is $3.00 for 1.5 packs, or $2.00 for a pack. The extreme rate comes down to $13.50 per 5-pack if you order 2-10 packs, and $12.50 if you order 10+ packs. There are bulk discounts on standard cartridges too.

They also offer blank cartridges – grab them if you are into using juices. Each blank cartridge can be used 4-5 times (only as advertised; in reality, you can use each for at least 10 times) and you can save some significant money if you are filling up your own cartridge.

Apollo e cig offers E-liquids too. You can choose from their range of about 12 flavors – and a 10 ml bottle costs $8.95. 30 ml bottles are also available, and costs $18.95 each.

Breakdown Scores
Refill price
Customer service


Apollo offers only 5 flavors for their prefilled cartomizers – Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla. I think they should improve and venture into new flavors – most of their competitors are offering at least 12.

In the E-liquid department – Apollo Cigarette’s portfolio is a lot better. They offer 12 flavors in total – Green Apple, Almond Joyee, Banana Cream, Blueberry Kona Coffee, Cappucino, Clove, French Vanilla, Classic Tobacco, Classic Tobacco Menthol, Mango Peach, Razzle, Rocky Road, RY4, and Sahara.


You are in for a nice surprise. Apollo electronic cigarette is definitely under-rated. The sort of love they receive from loyal followers around the web is astonishing.

Apollo e cig managed to produce thick vapor right from the start. The draws were effortless, and overall it was a nice, satisfying feeling with the throat hit being just about perfect. The best part, from my experience, is the quality of the prefilled cartomizers. The cartomizer remains consistent from the top to the bottom. You would wish every electronic cigarette brand was like that.

Overall, we believe you will fall in love with this kit. The Apollo Extreme Kit is a nice bargain and will fit most heavy smokers.

Customer Service

I have done a lot of research, and I can safely claim that Apollo e cig provides a superior customer service. If you have any complain though, do let us know 🙂

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