Free International Shipping at Vapor 4 Life

If you are an international (read: not in USA) customer and used to paying heavy shipping costs on all orders, this coupon will be huge surprise for you. You are eligible to receive free shipping on your order if the order amount exceeds $125. This is will save a significant amount of money for some people. I am used to paying $25 – $40 in shipping fees on my international orders.

Use coupon freeshipworld during checkout.

TIPS: Try to make your final order amount above $125 even if you intended to buy less. For example, if you order amount is $85 and you decide to check out – see how much your shipping fee is. If it’s around $30, the ultimate cost for you would be $115 (while you receive products worth $85 only). In such a case, you should definitely try and shop more to push the amount past $125 and save the entire $30 in shipping.

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