Electronic Cigarette Benefits

Electronic cigarettes are not yet recognised as official cessation devices. But cessation is not the real purpose though. Electronic cigarette is just an option, a better one, and although you may not want to quit smoking, you will automatically receive a lot of benefits – social, mental, physical and financial. Apart from being excellent in taste and flavour, the electric cigarette cuts your tobacco costs, toxic substance intakes, allows you to smoke indoors (even at no-smoking zones) and enhances your self esteem. Tobacco is the cause of numerous diseases and health risks, and you should try as best possible to keep yourself away from the deadly habit (Look for tobacco health facts and statistics). The benefits of electric cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes are listed below (If you want to publish this post or article to your blog or site, please be polite enough to put a link back to this page).

1 No side effects. Inhale the nicotine, reject the 4000+ toxins
Electronic / electric cigarettes contain no tar, carbon monoxide or any of the other cancer causing carcinogens available in tobacco cigarettes. So inhale the nicotine, reject everything else.

2 You may actually smoke less
When you light a cigarette, you feel mentally obliged to finish the whole cigarette, even when your craving is met with a few puffs. But with e cigarettes, you don’t have to wait for the whole cigarette. Just stop puffing when your craving is gone. This has helped me a lot. I no longer have to continue smoking until the cigarette is ended.

3 No second hand smoke. Friends and Families live healthier lives.
Your smoking will no longer have to bother the people around you. Second hand smoke is more harmful, but with e cigarettes, there is NO second hand smoke. The smoke exhaled is actualy just water vapour, and disappears in a few seconds.

4 Smoke at No-Smoking Zones
And since there is no smoke emitted, you can smoke anywhere you like. Calm your cravings at work, restaurants, airports, or anywhere else you feel like smoking. You will never have to take one more smoking break. That is gonna save you a lot of time and hardships alone.

5 Cheaper Insurance
You will no longer be a tobacco user. So your insurance rates will be drastically reduced. After starting smoking electronic / electric cigarettes, call your insurance company and let them know that you no longer smoke tobacco.

6 Less In Pollution
There is no ash to drop, no cigarette butt to dispose. You release less carbon monoxide, tar and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. People around you are not intoxicated, cause all you exhale during smoking is water vaopur. The cigarette runs on battery, and you no longer have to burn match sticks. The e cigarette is a complete environment friendly device.

7 No tobacco tax imposed
The tax on tobacco is quite high, and tends to rise regularly. However, the cartridges of e cigarettes are not subject to those taxes, cutting your costs to a very low level. You can practically slash your current cost by more than half. To have a more accurate saving calculation, use our savings calculator.

8 Save Money
You can literally save more than 50% of your expense by switching to electronic cigarettes. Cigarette packs in USA cost around $5/ pack on an average. ON the other hand, each carttridge comes around $2.50 each. To get a better idea, use our savings calculator to see how much you could approximately save.

9 No Lighters or matches to buy. No flame to ignite

You practically save your lighter or cigarette costs. There is no fire, as the cigarette runs on batteries. The batteries are also rechargeable, making them environmental freindly.

10 No ashtrays
Am I the only one who was always busy finding an ashtray to drop ash into? If you are facing the same issue regularly, care no more. There is literally no ash or any other type of waste, so smoke hassle free anytime you like.

11 No bad or offensive smell and odour
The smoke emitted from the tip of the e cigarette is not really smoke. Its actually vapour, and last only a while to give the smoker feeling of real smoke. Since its not smoke, it does not create any offensive or bad odour and dangerous emissions, and makes smoking around people completely harmless.

12 Although not an official cessation device, but it still provides a healthier alternative
Electric / electronic cigarettes are not yet recognized as official cessation devices. But still, it provides a LOT healthier alternative. Frankly, you still inhale the nicotine (thats obviously the reason you want to smoke for, if it did not contin nicotine, you would not bother trying it in the first place), but you DO NOT take in the other 4000+ toxins that come along with the nicotine in traditional cigarettes. Also some people has reported that electronic cigarette is helping/has helped them to quit by allowing to alter their nicotine levels (gradually decreasing the nicotine level in their cartridges). I personally am not too sure about this claim, but again, you do control your nicotine intake.

13 Choose your flavour and nicotine strength
Cartridges come in a lot of flavors, and you can precisely choose the nicotine level you like best. With cartridges coming in a wide range of nicotine strengths, you dictate how much nicoine you inhale. Also, there are a lot of different flavours available, and you might once in a while try fancy flavours (I only like the regular flavour).

14 Improved Self Esteem
You know you are a better person, physically and mentally. You are taking in nicotine only, excluding all the harmful substances available in traditional cigarettes. You are up for a healthier life. You no longer is the cause of passive smokes, thus causing no harm to people around you. You are adopting a smoking mean, which causes a lot less waste than traditional cigarettes. The electric / electronic cigarette is powered by batteries and is completely environmentally clean. You are saving a lot of money, which you can wisely spend on more justified causes. And ofcourse, you are retaining all the smoking pleasures. So why not try an electric / electronic cigarette today??

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